Thomas Chittenden with his family

I ran for Vermont State Senate in Chittenden County because I want to see our state adopt policies that create more opportunities for current and future generations to be able to stay here, live here, work here and thrive here.  As we start recovering from this crisis, we need to foster a Vermont economy for the 21st century focused on opportunity, affordability and sustainability.  As a State Senator I have been prioritizing the twin needs of our economy and environmental action while staying true to Vermont values.  

Background & Experience

I am excited to bring my experience in public policy and business to Montpelier. We can and should fight for good jobs AND our environment. We should set our sights on a future in which everyone participates and contributes in a clean and healthy environment.  Our state and our industries stand out as global leaders in tourism, environmentally conscious goods, advanced manufacturing and fun stuff, from beer to snowboards.  We have proven success in doing things right and with the right priorities in Montpelier, these successes will thrive in the decades to come.  

Vermont faces challenges, like any state, but I see our strengths - I see our opportunity to improve and I am energized by the challenge.  We can fix our economy by achieving economies of scale with regionalized approaches for better outcomes, streamlining our regulations to attract more private investment to upgrade our states infrastructure hardware, generate new revenue using modern technologies and grow our economic tax base with the right strategic priorities.

I am proud of my roots in Vermont and I’m committed to growing our economy sustainably so our current and future generations have more opportunity to stay, live, work and thrive here.