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I want to see more of our Chittenden County State Senators advocating for policies that will grow our economy, grow our population and attract investment to the Green Mountains so our current and future generations will have more opportunity to stay here, live here, work here and thrive here.

I'm running for State Senate because I want to see more sensible gun control regulations adopted in Vermont and I want to see more alignment in our education spending from Kindergarten to College. I'm also running because I want to see more regional, county-wide approaches to governance to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. We can serve the public better if we look at our needs collectively instead of along invisible lines drawn before the automobile age.

But I can't do it without your help. Please consider donating today and I promise to use your support to grow Vermont in a smart, socially-just and environmentally-friendly way.  That’s why I am running for State Senate and that is why I want to hear from you.