I ran for the Vermont State Senate because I want to hear more people in Montpelier advocating for policies that attract more investment, people and opportunity to our state.  We need our state government to foster the conditions for economic growth so our present and future generations have more opportunity to stay here, live here, work here and thrive here.

Vermont has been becoming less affordable every year and a large reason for this is because we've made it too hard to build a house or a business here.  As we come out of this pandemic, we need to steer and foster housing growth in a sustainable way that will make our state more affordable for current and future Vermonters.  I'm proud of the work done during my first term including S. 226 which takes important steps in this direction and will have immediate and long term positive affects on our housing market - but there is more work to be done.  We need to better balance the intent of our existing regulations with their impact on housing & economic development.  When I hear from Business leaders and the people trying build the houses we so desperately need, the answer starts with Act 250 modernization to eliminate redundancy, reduce uncertainty and to professionalize the entire process.  It also requires more local zoning reform that give reduce uncertainity and provide clear pathways for investment dollars - I'm proud of many of the local regulations South Burlington has implemented during my time on the council including the shift towards forms based code creating those clearer paths for those considering our community for large investment.  

Chittenden county has a thriving business community.  Before the pandemic, unemployment was at historic lows and wages were climbing. Tourism kept our restaurants full and our shops busy.  Now we are working to get back to that and we need the state to help where it can and get out of the way where it should.

We need leaders who understand how to balance priorities when resources are tight. Legislators who know how to most efficiently support the re-emergence of our state and local economies. This regrowth is critical if we are going to regain the quality of life we cherish and the goals that we had before this epidemic. We have to have leadership that understands how to help reinvigorate our struggling farms and small businesses that ensure our local food supply. We have to do what we can to help our badly damaged service sector (restaurants, tourist venues, the arts community) and so many others. We need legislators that can help ensure that our state government operates as efficiently as possible.  I'm proud of the work I've done on these fronts during my first term and I'm running for re-election to continue this work.